Gushing already about the fashions H&M are putting out for the fall. This one has to be my favorite. This is such a unique design. The idea of a jean jacket with a deeper round neck area and waist ending. I’m already styling the outfit in my head and I am all over this jacket. The jacket also has snap button action so you can button how you like. Ahhhhhhh, that is the sound I’m going for. Both the excited sound and the heavenly sound. It retails at $99 and I’m already putting that aside. More of these fashions in future posts.


July 16th, Chicago, typical work day. Also a hot summer day for Chicago. The high for the day was about 92 degrees. Pretty hot but it didn’t stop me from being my fashionable self. Actually, it inspired me to be colorful and match the heat and sun. Seen in this picture I am rocking a pair of fashion specs from Forever 21, as well as a red button up shirt and dark yellow chinos from Forever 21. I am also rocking my favorite shoes, perfect for the summer. They are Ben Sherman which I picked up off line from a men’s discount store online called Jackthreads. Male bloggers if you want discounts on the hottest fashion for men, check Jackthreads.com out. I also did the infamous and rolled up my pants at the bottom, I just love adding that touch to my style. I am also rocking a watch that I purchased for only $20 from Macy’s. You get to see it a little bit more in my next post.



Look who it is!!! It’s Jay-Z and Beyonce. Or what the world is beginning to know them as are ‘The Carters’. This is a pic of ‘The Carters’ strolling the streets of New York sometime this year. Jay-Z is always in his all black but he makes it work. It’s his signature. White gym shoes, black jeans, a Blame Society tee, and his hat turned backwards. The hat turned backwards is a great idea when it comes to street style. We have to really get into Beyonce’s look though. Beyonce always looks fabulous. Rocking black and white as well, Beyonce has on thigh high shorts, a white tee, a blazer, shades, a black top hat, and green hills. This outfit is perfect for the grown woman in the summer. She comes off as fashionable and mature but it also gives a street flair because of the green heels and the thigh high shorts to show off Beyonce’s always toned legs.


Yesterday, I became a Representative for a San Diego based clothing company. They sell some super cool tees, tanks and crew necks. Check out the site: dreamingelegance.com, follow the twitter: @dream_elegance, like them on Facebook: Dreaming Elegance, and follow the Instagram @dreamingelegance. Follow me as well on Instagram @nstacam. USE REPCODE: 702REP AT CHECKOUT TO GET MY DISCOUNT!!!



I’m falling out at work over this beautiful work of art. And if you thought I was talking about this handsome actor Ryan Reynolds, guess again. Ryan is seen in a what GQ.com called ‘a vibrant, blue Burberry suit’. I love how this suit comes off as silk, gives a brand new touch to suits and like GQ.com say, I can definitely see this at not only Reynolds’ red carpet premiere of new animated film ‘Turbo’, but also in the office, church, night club and even a wedding. What is really beautiful is the black shirt, the brown, black and purple tie and those dark brown shoes that he paired with them. He took color blocking AND style to a whole new level and I don’t think many people are quite ready for it. Either way it goes, Ryan gets an A+!!!